An artistic nursing student draws a picture of her friend— for her friend— only this commission may prove more difficult to deal with than she bargained for…

Melina wakes up to find a stranger in her bed— only this stranger looks a lot like her friend Nathan, but with red eyes, sharp teeth, and a well toned chest?!

Where did this imposter come from, and is he going to be a bigger problem than Melina can handle on her own?

The imposter Nathan tries to negotiate a truce with the gang— only to be met with resistance. And a shovel to the head. With communications breaking down, the group is met with an even more dangerous problem.

The insanity of the Nathan look alike’s arrival raised more questions than provided answers— so Melina sneaks the group into their University’s medical research building to meet up with an ally who might be able to help shed some light on this mystery. With access to medical testing equipment and an empty research building— the group has a chance to see just how similar Nathan and his double are.

With the new college semester starting up for the trio, things get tougher when work-life balance now involves baby sitting their new doppelganger roommate.

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