Epic Chaos! | Epic Chaos! Chapter 4 Page 2
Epic Chaos! Chapter 4 Page 2


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23rd Aug 2021, 8:00 AM

You can read EC! on Tapas and Webtoons!

Read "Epic Chaos! on Webtoons HERE

Read "Epic Chaos! on Tapas HERE

Pages are still being uploaded, I'm setting them up in batches, so the entirety of Chapters 1-3 will be posted by August— just in time for chapter 4 to start updating! Pages will update once a week, same time as here on the main site :3

If you like this comic and want to help keep it updating consistently— support my work on Patreon!
Not only will you get early EC! pages before everyone else, you'll also get to see new artwork I only share on Patreon, exclusive comics (I've got a new one I'm working on~), and if you join the Mail Club, I'll send you artwork each month you support at that tier :D


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