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Epic Chaos! Chapter 3 Page 39


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Pages are back!

16th May 2021, 8:00 PM

Woo! Pages are back!
I was having some major issues with the new computer I got back in December, and the issues were getting progressively worse and worse as I used the computer. So, after fighting with Best Buy for the last week, I was able to get a new computer that is working MUCH better!
I was without a working computer for the better part of 2 weeks, but I was still doing what work I could on my ipad, so now I have a pretty decent buffer of comic pages to work on— patrons will be getting a massive page dump of EC! pages over the next few weeks XD
Speaking of—!

If you like this comic and want to help keep it updating consistently— support my work on Patreon!
Not only will you get early EC! pages before everyone else, you'll also get to see new artwork I only share on Patreon, exclusive comics (I've got a new one I'm working on~), and if you join the Mail Club, I'll send you artwork each month you support at that tier :D
There's a bunch of new EC! pages that are already up for viewing, as well as the May Mail Club artwork which will be going live later this week :D
Join the $10 Mail Club tier before May 31st and you'll get the May Rewards!

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